Lowcountry Magick

Address 123-3 King Street Georgetown SC 29440 Phone: (843) 481-6656 Website: https://www.facebook.com/lowcountrymagick
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An electic gift shop,  owned and operated by a lovely local lady, dedicated to helping others. Reiki healing,  crystals,  herbs, incense, candles and so much more.

Individual Members

Anne and Jack Hudson

Ashley Baker

Bill Herlong

Bob Willey

Bobbie Turner

Carol Asay

Carol Jayroe

Cary Farrow

Connie Bull

Doug Jones

Ede Graves

Gregg & Margaret Frierson

Hank Jones

Hope McFaddin 

Janice Harrelson

John & Alice Kester

John Wainwright

Lesley Bess, RN

Leslie Smith

Linda Bradley

Linda Evans

Linda Thomson

Livy Russell

Mark Lindsey

Michael Walsh

Nathalie Humphreys

Nick Robinson

Pam Toemmes

Rebecca Maskos

Sally Stevens

Sara Cody

Thom Rhea

Totsie Moore

Tracey Miller